artist credits...

The Jezabels- 'The Man is Dead'
The Jezabels-  'She's So Hard' EP (P E M)
The Jezabels-  'Dark Storm' EP (P E M)
The Jezabels- "Prisoner" album (P E)
The Hard Ons - 'Alfalfa Males' Album (P E M)
Elliot the Bull EP (P E M)
Deligma - 'Forever Faded' EP (M)
Deligma - 'Give me a Reason' Single (P E M)
Eli Wolfe - 'We All Started Something' EP (P E M)
Love Like Hate 'Rabbit Hole' EP (P E M)
Blkout 'Point of No Return' Album (P E M)
System of a Down, live BDO (E M)
Slipknot- live at BDO (E M)
Billy Thorpe- 'Tangier' Orchestral recording (E)
Jenny Morris- 'Hit & Myth' Strings Recording (E)
In The Grey - 'Innocence is Running Out' - Album (P E)
Something With Numbers - Ettiquette - Album (P E)
In The Grey - These Broken Wings (P E)
One Dollar Short - Eight Days Away -  (E)
Motor Ace "Carry On" unplugged (E)
The Satellite Nation - Album (P E)
Nitocris - Album (P E M)
Between the Devil & the Deep- Album (P E M)
Lungs- Albums and EP (P E M)
The Optionals - Album & EP (P E M)
Sailmaker - EP (P E M)
Nazxul - "Iconoclast' Album (P E M)
No Apologies - "Survival' Album (P E M) 
Porkers - Hot Dog Daiquiri - Album (P E M)
Toe To Toe - Tao - Album (P E M)
Skulker - 'Bittersweet' EP (P E M)
Nitocris - 'Darkside' Single (P E M)
Henry's Anger - 'Personality Test' - Album (M)

P = Producer, E = Engineer, R = Rec Engineer, M = Mix Engineer